Data Backup & Security

What do you do if you lost your mail?
What do you do if you lost your any critical data from the web?
What do you do if you lost your all important database in seconds?

Securing your data in today’s world is a must! One day you can be infected with a virus or your local files can stop working. Act before a disaster happens! Not after it happens! Well, you do take data backups of your system? Don’t you?

It can be happened anywhere with anyone, Do you need to protect your web, mail or database from these critical situation, do web hosting with Webvantech. We guaranty you to restore your latest 24 hour back from our SAN, whatever it would be (web, mail, database etc).

How SAN Storage Area Network Works!
A Storage Area Network or SAN is a separate network from any other servers, clients, or routers.

In this special network, only file servers reside. This allows quick propagation of information throughout our network, as well as security from network-based threats.

The main benefit that a SAN network brings a speed with data transfers at the time of restore. In addition, Storage Area Network technology also simplifies data backup requirements for System Administrators. Since the devices on that network are already interconnected, a single backup server can backup several storage devices, eliminating the need for multiple backup servers. In addition, management is also easier, since each file server or device is located on the same network. With this added management simplicity, SAN networks are able to concentrate on what really matters- transferring data quickly and securely.

SAN technology also offers an additional feature- tight security. By placing all of the storage nodes on a single network, a System Administrator can more effectively filter access to this special network. Since all of the servers and devices on the network only require data services to be exported to the main network, it is virtually impossible by design for a virus or worm to spread onto this network. In addition, an outside attacker will have more trouble compromising a storage network.