Data Backup and Recovery

Why You Need Managed Backup solutions

Preventing data loss, corruption, and disclosure of sensitive information from unauthorized access, a server crash, human error or a natural disaster is critical to the long term success and staying power of any business. Implementing a data backup system that guarantees the full recovery of all data can mean the difference between seamless business continuity and complete paralysis of all essential business operations in the face of an unforeseen data loss emergency. However, it is not enough to simply implement an effective backup system - the backup system must be continuously monitored to ensure all data is successfully backed up as scheduled. Because of the time and capital expense involved with monitoring a backup system in-house, more and more business decision-makers are opting for a managed backup solution, outsourcing the management of their backup system to a company with special expertise in data backup and allocating in-house resources where they can be used more efficiently.

Managed data backup systems are convenient data storage solutions that enable businesses to simply and securely store all critical data while spending less capital and administration time dealing with the implementation and management of the backup system. With a managed backup system, SEO WORKGROUP continuously monitors the system to ensure successful backups are completed as scheduled.

If your Data is lost and there is no backup, then the time and cost of recreating the data can even prove to be fatal to the Business, as Data is your most critical Business Asset! You have to protect it.

strategy is in place for their unique hosting environment. This analysis is essential to protect against inevitable data loss and corruption caused by application and user error, failed hardware or security breaches. Your Account Manager and Technical Account Manager can also assist with more comprehensive redundancy strategies that can more effectively reduce the risk of downtime caused by data loss and corruption.

WEBVANTECH Backup And Storage Services Includes

Webvantech provides advanced, dependable, and a comprehensive range of backup solutions to protect your data.

Our service utilizes the Enterprise Veritas Backup Solution and Compaq DLT tape storage technology offers Data backup process for individual files, file systems, databases (Oracle, MS SQL) and applications. Our Backup application is designed to meet high-performance disk-to-disk, Network Attached Storage (NAS) backups system.

Webvantech installs the backup software on each customer server to be backed up. Full backups are done once every week with Incremental backups being done six times a week. Backup processes will be performed as scheduled.

Offsite Data Storage

You can increase the level of data protection provided by SEO WORKGROUP'S managed backup and restore service by subscribing to offsite data storage at a remote data center. Billing is per gigabyte of data transferred between the local and remote sites.

Data Restores

Webvantech technicians will initiate a restore of lost or corrupt data. Technicians can also assist with the recovery of a server in the event of a catastrophic hardware failure which also destroys OS and application configurations.