Corporate Email Solution VDMS

VDMS simply mean Virtual Dedicated Mailing Solution. It gives the user the advantage of a dedicated mail server and more. A few features are highlighted below:

  1. Access your mail using universally accessible web-based email application or email programs.
  2. Full support by our email helpdesk staff by our responsive technical support team.
  3. Your choice of addresses like and domain of your choice.
  4. If your business increase and you want to increase the size of your account anytime it’s a five minute job from our side.
  5. Dedicated Disk Space unlike traditional email solutions where the disk space is virtual and is directly dependent on your host.
  6. Dedicated IP Address You will have your own IP address which would used for your SMTP and POP/IMAP.
  7. Dedicated RAM This would ensure you have your web mail and mail delivery speeds are a constant, unlike shared services where speeds and load are beyond your control.
  8. Reverse DNS and SPF You will now have your own Reverse DNS to your IP and SPF for your domain.
  9. Logs Access to your logs as the Messaging is dedicated.
  10. Mail Queue view your mail queue and say good bye to lost mails.
  11. Anti spam & Antivirus (rule based) Inbuilt Anti spam and antivirus with activated junk box, black and white lists.
  12. Anti spam (response based) - Inbuilt box trapper would ensure only human emails are received by you and robotic mails are stopped.
  13. Mail Queue view your mail queue and say good bye to lost mails.
  14. Anti-SPAM.
  15. 99.5% Uptime Clean Emails – Your Emails are delivered everywhere successfully.
  16. Web Interface to Check Your Emails from anywhere.
  17. Never Miss an Email again.
  18. Manage your whitelist and backlist domains or individual email accounts.

Who is the Customer?

Any organization where messaging forms an integral part of their business can choose to move to the above service. We would migrate their mail boxes, folders and emails to the new environment without a downtime.

Where is it Located?

To ensure that you have faster access we have hosted our servers at Rapid Switch in UK, which has a direct peering and landing pointing with VSNL. It is as good has hosting in India.

Low total cost of ownership (TCO)

  • No cost of Hardware or software.
  • Fully managed hence no investment in expensive messaging administrators.
  • Fully Scalable to any size and numbers of users
  • Cross-mailbox search for litigation discovery, policy, and compliance.
  • Native anti-spam (AS) and anti-virus (AV).
  • Strong internet-based security (SSL/TLS for all protocols) that does not require a VPN, and supports single sign-on via business's portal.
  • Class of service provisioning for all major features.
At the same time, VDMS also uniquely protects your organization's investment:
  • VDMS is itself open source.
  • VDMS leverages mature open source server infrastructure - Linux/Unix file system for the message store, MySQL for meta-data storage, Apache for web container, Lucene for search, etc.
  • VDMS supports standard protocols for interoperability - POP3, IMAP4, iCalendar, HTTP/S, REST, RSS, MAPI, iSync, and so on.
  • All VDMS operations and network protocols use open XML/SOAP for easy bi-directional integration with business applications (whether on-premises or hosted).
  • Integration with existing LDAP/Active Directory, security (AS/AV), and compliance infrastructure.
  • VDMS uses standard MIME format for storing messages on disk (one message/file), which means the formats are open to operating system utilities and scripts.
Features of VDMS Standard Edition Network Edition Benefits
Web collaboration and productivity Mail & Address Book Standard
Basic search
Advanced search
Attachment search*
HTML attachment rendering*
Administration & TCO Web administration
Online backup/restore
Web/mail/phone support
Domain-level management
Multi-domain support
Domain-level administration
Domain-level branding
Domain-level management
Mailing Lists
What is the cost?

As our inaugural offer to your entire customers we would be offering a 25% off our price for the first 10 account we make live.

Features Gold Platinum Neo Pro Ultima
Disk Space 1 GB 5 GB 10 GB 20 GB 30 GB
Dedicated RAM 256 MB 256 MB 256 MB 256 MB 256 MB
Burstable RAM 4 GB 4 GB 4 GB 4 GB 4 GB
Mail Boxes 20 50 100 200 300
Dedicate IP 1 1 1 1 1
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Reverse DNS To your domain To your domain To your domain To your domain To your domain
Antispam (Rule Based) Filter + Inbuilt Filter + Inbuilt Filter + Inbuilt Filter + Inbuilt Filter + Inbuilt
Antispam (Response Based) Box Trapper Box Trapper Box Trapper Box Trapper Box Trapper
Yearly Price Rs 15,000.00 Rs 25,000.00 Rs 40,000.00 Rs 50,000.00 Rs 60,000.00
Back Up MX Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mail Archival Optional Optional Yes Yes Yes
Control Panel Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
One Time Setup Free Free Free Free Free