Blog Web Hosting

So you want to start your own blog site do you?
These days it seems that almost everyone has a web site of some kind, and many more on way to be launched every day. After launching site what next? People whom so ever are having website has start put own articles (BLOG) what so ever he experienced till date in his area of capabilities. In It's challenging enough to design a site and update it in very regular interval with interesting content for readers, but when all is set and done another challenge comes in front of - where to do Web Hosting?

A popular choice for numbers of webmasters, and even experienced ones, is to hire a free hosting plan with a company, those are already has international brand for web hosting. We all know these are easy to setup and free to use, but they do have restrictions. Maximum free Web hosting Providers don't offer all useful features that paid web hosting service provider do such as FTP access, POP-SMTP, or your own personal domain name.

Here you are making a mistake, your are losing your website’s potential. Either free web hosting provider require you to run banners or pop-up ads on your web site or they will exchange some cross links from your website to make it worth their while for an expensive service what you are getting absolutely free. All these banners, pop-ups and link exchange can prevent the user to view of your web page and ultimately this irritation will drive them visitors away from your website. Lastly, most free web hosting provider have a daily restriction in the terms of bandwidth usage, upload-download usage, sending receiving mails, so if suppose your websites attracts lot of traffic you'll exceed your allotted quota and your website will be temporarily disabled. Overall I would recommend free web hosting provider for only those people that are new to web hosting and want to experience something that how it works. I'd also recommend them for web sites that is going to only informative web sites and don't plan to produce any revenue from it host with free web hosting provider, but if a web sites that is although is the individual property and personal in nature as well as web sites going produce huge amount of revenues from it don’t host with free web hosting provider.

Blogging is an reduction of "web-logging". The simplest definition of a blog is that it is an online log that is organized in reverse chronological order. It comprises of comments, declarations, links, or anything else of interest to the blog writers.

You’ll have to only keep two things in mind,

  • Basic requirements of starting your own blog.
  • You need software to run a blog and a place on the Internet to host your blog.